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we're chasing heaven as it fades into black.

can't get it back, no we can't get it back.

say Superman, Batman, like XO Gossip Man ★
3 December 1985
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say, are you ready?
Izyan/ Izzy. Early twenties. Malaysian. Spazzy, random at times, has a tendency to relate anything in her life to G-Dragon. Takes photographs in her spare time using her Hyukjae. Aims to steal G-Dragon's wardrobe one very fine day.

MUSIC Big Bang, TVXQ, L'Arc~En~Ciel, Super Junior, SHINee, Clazziquai Project, Epik High, NELL, Explosions In The Sky, Bump Of Chicken, Base Ball Bear, Damien Rice, HYDE, Hanson, John Mayer.

MISC G-Dragon, food, modern street fashion, anything loud and flashy, black & white photographs, Kim Jae Joong's hair, her bebs.

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